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Whether I’m developing new experiments or conducting the repetitive, everyday work needed to validate my results, I am performing the heroic work of advancing science and improving human lives. Some of us have made recent headlines and some of us are hidden from the public view, but we’re all engaged in the vital daily research that will move us forward to the next great discovery.

I push myself and my equipment to the limit. I strive for perfection to deliver the best results. Eppendorf is right beside me, supporting me to be a hero of science.

It was like Christmas when those beautiful blue boxes arrived. Opening the velvety bag the pipette was in made me beyond excited, it was the first pipette to become genuinely mine as a scientist in the beginning of my career and will be used by many after me.

Kendall, Canada

1st step inside the lab. I was scared. I cannot fail, it was my first "real lab" experience (plus, I was 3000km away from home). Then, there it was: the bench. You can start now. I'll never forget the popping sound of that Eppi being opened, nor the knowledge I gained during that time.

Marta, Denmark

When I was 16, my science teacher at high school organized a "biotechnology course" to make student passionate of biology application in the lab. One of these lessons was focused on our own DNA extraction from our mouths. At the end we collected a long, cloudy shaped DNA that we brought home. I can now admit that that experience made me fall in love with science and now I am still fascinated even if these things are now my routine.

Floriana, Italy

Standing in the lab over the bench, decked in my new immaculate lab coat, I had the feeling of a rock star research scientist who would discover cures and may be win a Nobel. Guess I am still on that journey and Eppendorf is tagging along with me.

Anthony, Nigeria

[My pipettes and tips] know all my ups and downs. I treat them as my buddies. Thanks to them, I learned how to be patient and accurate, and also that the health and life of the patient is in my hands, literally.

Paulina, Poland

Start of my diploma thesis - getting an introduction to lab equipment from my supervisor.Stunned by all the equipment found in all laboratories. I remember feeling kind of proud to be allowed to use it all... and still am.

Christine, Austria

My first PCR practical experiment involved characterising mosquito species. It was totally amazing and intriguing how all the reagents fit into the tube and how such a big process that would give results that impacted the world could take place in an Eppendorf tube that looked so small.

Melisa, Zimbabwe

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