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60 Years Pipette Anniversary

Are you the pipetting hero of your lab? Do you already know everything there is to know about pipetting? Take advantage of 60 years of innovation, experience and insight by downloading our comprehensive guidebook, full of tips and tricks to help you become a pipetting hero.

Every piston-stroke pipette in the world carries Eppendorf DNA‍Look around any research, industry or hospital lab today and you are certain to find a pipette on nearly every benchtop. But which ones have hidden superpowers? An incredible 60 years has passed since Eppendorf launched the very first piston- stroke pipette; just visit our website to discover the pioneering Eppendorf developments that have shaped liquid handling during this time. Today, labs are going digital and our connected pipettes communicate wirelessly with smart lab tools, for safe and efficient sample handling.

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Eppendorf helps me to be an everyday lab hero because behind every pipette is a long history of innovation and quality. These pipettes help me to publish faster through reproducible and accurate results.

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The pipette in the lab is like the backbone of a person. We need it!

Darrion Nguyen, USA
As reviewed on the Select Science website.


Do you already know everything there is to know about pipetting? We collected all the experience and insights we gathered in the last 60 years to produce a comprehensive guidebook to help you carry out good science involving handling any liquid — complete the form below to access your free eBook:

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