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High-speed centrifuge bundles

You deserve the best laboratory equipment to ensure that your separation tasks run smoothly every time. That’s why our goal is to provide optimized solutions for you and your requirements. Our extensive portfolio now offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and more.

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Convert kinetic energy into electricity instead of heat

These centrifuges are equipped with a regenerative converter for braking, which converts the regenerative power of the motor into the power supply.

Suitable for academic & research applications

  • Improved safety and user comfort with our tool-free self-locking rotor system
  • Gain up to 32% time saving and improve manual handling with our unique 1.5 liter rotor design
  • Easily manage different applications with eight different kits, tailored to give you the best results

Suitable for Pharma & BioTech labs

  • Reduced running costs with up to 20% of electricity returned via our regenerative braking system
  • Increase productivity with higher volumes, more runs per day and stronger pellet formation
  • Reduce run times with centrifugation speeds up to 110,000 × g (Centrifuge CR30NX)

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  • Brochure: Made for your workflow Download
  • Learn more: White paper no. 64 – Unique 4 × 1.5 liter capacity rotor for high-speed Centrifuges CR22N and CR30NX Download
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You deserve the best centrifuge for all your separation tasks. That’s exactly why Eppendorf expanded its centrifuge portfolio to include high-speed centrifuge  and ultracentrifuges.

You can benefit now from our registration program and stay up to date with local service solutions. Register your Himac® centrifuge and get 100 epPoints® for free and 15% discount on your next service contract.

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Convert kinetic energy into electricity instead of heat

Get a discount on high-speed centrifuge bundles including the high-speed CR22N and CR30NX

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