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Mastercycler® X50

PCR allows scientists to make essential discoveries, for which outcomes have the power to potentially change a human’s life. Then why compromise on a below average PCR cycler? As the innovator of gradient technology, with more than 30 years of experience, the Mastercycler® X50 elegantly combines speed, flexibility, and ease of use.

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Suitable for academic & research applications

  • Find faster PCR! With up to 5 °C/s ramping speeds, the X50a can significantly reduce your run time
  • Save time by optimizing both annealing and denaturation temperatures in the same run
  • You choose your consumables! Our flexlid® automatically adjusts to different height tubes and plates

Suitable for Pharma & BioTech labs

  • Increase productivity with as low as 15-minute rapid PCR runs when using the MasterCycler® X50s paired with Promega GoTaq® Rapid PCR mix. Visit www.eppendorf.com/go-to-rapid for more details.
  • Improve efficiency by optimizing both annealing and denaturation temperatures in the same run
  • Increase your sample throughput by connecting up to nine additional PCR machines

What our customers say

"Using Mastercycler X50, we can set up a vertical or horizontal temperature gradient. The gradient temperature can be set to between 30C and 99C. It’s a user friendly instrument, it has a touch screen to control the functions we want."

Tram, SBP Medical Discovery Institute. Reviewing the Mastercycler X50 on the Select Science website.

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  • PCR productivity can be influenced by many variables. Do you know them all? Explore these articles to find out if you can optimize your experiments.
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  • Brochure: Your NGS – Upgraded. Increase the productivity of your NGS library preparation without compromising the reliability of your results.
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  • Precise and accurate: calibration services
  • Perfect working order: repair services
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