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SafeCode™ Tubes

Lost in samples? Lab documentation depends on being able to identify every sample on your bench. Stay organized with pre-labeled SafeCode™ consumables, so you can spend less time on documentation and more time working with your sample.

A clean and stable label on the side or on the top of the vessel makes it so much easier to get consistent results, faster.

  • ID-specific tube information like lot numbers digitally available via Eppendorf dataport and website for comprehensive documentation
  • 2-level coding for safe sample identification even with up to 30% code damage
  • Direct import of codes and all data into eLabInventory and eLabJournal® software for convenient handling

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“55% of identification errors in the lab are attributed to labeling errors!*”. Misidentification of labels causes longer sample processing times as well as serious research consequences.

* Identification errors involving clinical laboratories: A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes Study of Patient and Specimen Identification Errors at 120 Institutions, Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

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Suitable for Pharma & BioTech labs

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  • Brochure: Coded for Success: Eppendorf SafeCode System & CryoStorage Vials. Easy identification means that you can achieve high-density sample storage in your ULT freezer. Benefit from more than 40% extra storage capacity, and 30% less power consumption per sample
  • Related product: eLabInventory software. Efficiently track any sample in your lab. This tool organizes any item in the laboratory inventory, including specimens, materials, samples, and chemicals.
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Improve your instrument uptime and have peace of mind with our basket of service solutions. We take the load off your shoulders by simplifying your ordering and budgeting process for various services over the full lifetime of your instruments.

  • You concentrate on your research and routine work while we take care of your device - even beyond the product.
  • Keep up to date with new trends, methods, and technologies with our training and application support.
  • Precise and accurate: calibration services
  • Perfect working order: repair services
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Coming soon: pre-labeled and durable tubes for safe sample identification

A clean and stable label on the side or on the top of the vessel can make scientific life so much easier. Take advantage of the pre-labeled and durable 2-level coding of the SafeCode™ system (datamatrix code and clear coding) to enable safe sample identification.

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