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Ultracentrifuges from Eppendorf

Ultracentrifugation can widen the scope of your research, yet it can be challenging: Balancing the sample, programming the run parameters, and documenting the run time are just a few of the potentially time-consuming steps.

We have designed the CP-NX series of large ultracentrifuges, and the CS-(F)NX series of micro-ultracentrifuges to be as user-friendly and safe to operate as possible. With advanced features and innovative technology that enable simple operation while maximizing safety and efficiency.

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How far has your rotor travelled? Automatic Rotor Life Management System (RLM) digitally tracks rotor run times, so that you can extend the life of the rotor.

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  • Application note: “Isolation and enrichment of golgi bodies from rice seedlings using density gradient / ultracentrifugation.” Working with different adapters, rotors and consumables, you can purify and refine your sample. Download

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You deserve the best centrifuge for all your separation tasks. That’s exactly why Eppendorf expanded its centrifuge portfolio to include high-speed centrifuges and ultracentrifuges.

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Whether you are working with nucleic acids, proteins, vesicles, viruses and more, with speeds up to 1,050,000 × g, our ultracentrifuges fulfill your needs for high quality sample preparation.

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