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Eppendorf Xplorer® plus

With the Eppendorf Xplorer® plus electronic pipette, your work achieves a new level of simplicity, precision and reproducibility.

But maybe you are instead concerned about repetitive strain injury (RSI) or the impact of human-error? The Eppendorf line of epMotion® automated liquid handling systems can take away the pressure. They are designed to automate routine pipetting tasks to free up your time, eliminate manual pipetting errors, and maximize the reproducibility of your assays. More details

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Replace your old ePipette to reduce CO₂ emissions

Many old electronic pipettes still have batteries that are less efficient or self-discharge quicker than modern Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries in newer models. Replace your old model now and help to reduce the energy consumption and related CO₂ emissions in your lab!

Suitable for academic & research applications

  • Easy to use with the intuitive pipette display
  • Protect yourself from RSI and pipetting fatigue with electronic pipetting
  • Save time with automatic dispensing, mixing functions and more!

Suitable for Pharma & BioTech labs

  • Achieve more with improved reproducibility, accuracy and ergonomics
  • Fewer pipetting steps with multi-channel variants for multi-well formats
  • Less waiting: pipette up to 8 hours on one charge
  • Add more flexibility with the additional pipetting functions of the Xplorer® plus

What our customers say

“Compared to other brands, the Xplorer electronic pipettes allow us to speed up our work, and time is often of the essence when working with fungi samples. I would love to see a pipetting robot in our university lab in the future. Our micro-biology research on fungal cultures from Antarctica would greatly benefit from it by taking manual pipetting tasks off our hands.”

Professor Luiz Henrique Rosa, Lead researcher MycoAntar project, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

“Precision is very important for us. When synthesizing DNA & RNA for example, our customers rely on us to do it in a very precise way. Eppendorf pipettes have a high accuracy and are reliable. We want our scientists to work with the best tools available. The Eppendorf brand image and offering to work with Eppendorf tools actually also helps us to hire talents.”

Treechada Petcharat, Co-Founder & Researcher, BIOMT, Thailand

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Prepare a perfect dilution series super easy and fast by letting your electronic pipette do the work for you.

Documents & Downloads

  • White Paper No. 35: Five challenges in plate assays that can be mastered by the right choice of pipetting tool.
  • Application note 036: The electronic Xplorer® pipette – versatile adjustment
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Improve your instrument uptime and have peace of mind with our basket of service solutions. We take the load off your shoulders by simplifying your ordering and budgeting process for various services over the full lifetime of your instruments.

  • You concentrate on your research and routine work while we take care of your device - even beyond the product.
  • Keep up to date with new trends, methods, and technologies with our training and application support.
  • Precise and accurate: calibration services
  • Perfect working order: repair services
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Replace your old ePipette to reduce CO₂ emissions

Get the Xplorer® plus for the price of the Xplorer® and enjoy additional features free of charge.

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